OPEN CALL - Sinergia Exhibition

15 - 29 April 2023

Ter - Sat: 1 - 7pm


Sat 15 April 2023: 6 - 10pm


Rua Pelotas 400, Vila Mariana


SUBMISSION DEADLINE - THU 23 March 2023 (TILL 23:59)

A unique opportunity for artists to show their work in a different country without having to be physically present.

An exhibition to celebrate the World Art Day (15 April).


Echo's Studio is a multi-award winning sound studio based in the prestigious Vila Mariana neighbourhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Apart from Echo's, the space currently houses 3 audiovisual companies (Voz À Obra, FLAP and Affinitás) and also hosts workshops.

It is a creative hub that offers services for the biggest brands in the market and records a variety of Brazilian celebrities and artists.

By branching out to art exhibitions, the studio aims to widen their creative practice and also become a vibrant cultural centre. 

Click here for our previous exhibitions.


Please read the guidelines and apply below


  • The theme is OPEN. 
  • We are looking for artworks that were inspired by other creatives or their works (art, music, books, films or any other kind of creative expression)
  • Send min. 3 - max. 5 images (from different artworks). Show your best work! 
  • Artworks can be in any medium, but the artworks must be in DIGITAL FORMAT, meaning that paintings, illustrations, mix-media, sculptures and other formats will have to be scanned or photographed and sent to us. 
  • Short films and videos of performances are also accepted but they must be under 10min long.
  • Artists from all nationalities, backgrounds and of all styles are welcome to submit. Collaborations are also welcome.
  • Please resize your images to A3 or square size 30x30cm (12x12 inches) or provide the link for the videos.
  • We will print and mount all the selected images in Brazil with the consent of the artists. 

The artists will not have to worry about anything. 

No crating, no shipping, no customs. We will take care of every detail.

Exhibiting your art in a different country could not have been easier!


  • FREE Submission (send min. 3 - max. 5 images)
  • One artwork by each artist will be selected and exhibited.

Only the artists who get selected will be asked to pay the participation fee in order to cover the expenses (see list below).

  • Participation fee - £80 (for A3 size, square 30x30cm or short video)

We prefer to charge a 'Participation Fee' that will share the costs of the exhibitions with the selected artists instead of charging for a 'Submission Fee' that artists pay just to submit their work and can often be rejected. See the difference in our FAQ.

Participation Fee Includes

  • Exhibition space
  • Curating and organising the exhibition
  • Translating from English to Portuguese
  • Printing and mounting each artwork (A3 size or square 30x30cm)
  • Hanging the artworks
  • Videos and performances shown in a loop
  • Exhibition webpage (part of this website)
  • Print material (poster, labels, etc)
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Private View (refreshments, bartender, etc)
  • Guided visit during the Private View
  • Pictures of the Private View 
  • Pictures of each artwork work in the venue

Check our previous exhibition as an example.

Submit your artwork(s) in the button below.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE - Thu 23 March 2023 (TILL 23:59)

Please check the FAQ if you have any questions.


All submissions will be reviewed and selected by the curator: Juliana Lauletta.

Artworks can be selected before the deadline.

One artwork by each artist will be selected and exhibited.

Please note that the decisions are final and we are unable to offer feedback.


Only the selected artists will receive the payment link by email and will have 3 days after selection to pay the participation fee and secure their spot. 

Payments can be made through PayPal, Credit/Debit Card and Mercado Pago (Brazil).


No commission on sales.

We are artists ourselves and we know the importance of connecting the collectors with the artists. Buyers can pay the artist directly by PayPal and the curator will arrange the pickup with the buyer after the exhibition is over.


After submitting the form and paying the participation fee, the artists will be part of the show and we will hold their spaces. If the artist cancel close to the date, it is nearly impossible for us to schedule another artist in their place. Therefore, there are NO REFUNDS after making the payment.


  • Submission Deadline: Thu 23 March 2023 (till 23:59)

  • Payment for the Selected Artists: Max. 3 days after selection

  • Exhibition Starts: Saturday 15 April 2023 (1 pm)
  • Private View: Saturday 15 April 2023 (6 - 10pm) - RSVP needed due to COVID restrictions
  • Exhibition Ends: Saturday 29 April 2023 (7pm)