Exhibition Costs

We are a self-funded, artist-led arts organisation, committed to providing meaningful opportunities for artists. Since initiating exhibitions in Brazil in 2021, our focus has been on maximising value for artists. Our dedication extends to handling every detail, ensuring artists experience a worry-free exhibition.

Our pricing structure is meticulously crafted to cover essential expenses and keep the lights on. Transparency is paramount to us, so we detailed below the costs and issues artists might encounter if they would like to exhibit in Brasil by themselves. 

The example is using an artist based in London as a reference, since most of our exhibiting artists are from the UK and our beginning was in London.

Sending One Artwork 30x40cm to Brazil

  • Fine Art Print (The Printspace) - £10 print + £15 to mount on a 3mm foam board = £25
  • Royal Mail from London to Sao Paulo with tracking - £10
  • Brazil Mail from Sao Paulo to London with tracking just inside Brazil - £50

Total - £85

Exhibition Organisation

  • Gallery Rent - £1800
  • Installation - £100 / day
  • Invigilation during the exhibition £25/per day - 11 days £275
  • Translation English/Portuguese - £20
  • Graphic Design for flyer and posters - £100
  • Webpage Design - £50
  • Printing of poster and labels - £20
  • Subtotal - £2365

Private View

  • Food and beverages: Mini croissants in 3 flavours, cheese bread (Brazilian popular snack), parmesan crostatas, crisps, nuts, chocolate bars and sweets. Soft drinks, beer, sparkling water, tea and coffee - £120
  • Bartender - £30
  • Photographer - £150 / 3h
  • Subtotal - £300

Total - £2665

If you gather 20 artists to share the cost that would be £133.25 for each artist.

Plus the price of printing/mounting, sending to Brazil and getting the print back at the end of the exhibition - £85

£133.25 + £85 = £218.25

These costs are just the basics to make the exhibition happen with 20 artists. 

We are not even counting marketing, insurance, taxes, customs or any other unforeseen expense.

Also, all the trouble to find 20 other artists to share the costs with, to find the Brazilian suppliers/service providers and the time spent organising the whole exhibition.

Some problems that you might encounter.

  • Very few Brazilians speak English, so dealing and communication can be difficult here.
  • Galleries usually do not rent their space. After months trying to rent a gallery, before we rent a space for ourselves, only one gallery replied saying they might consider renting for £1800. With the condition that they like the artworks.
  • Brazilian postal services is horrible. It is expensive (£50 for sending an envelope to the UK) and unreliable. It tracks only inside Brazil, which is appalling. For a FEDEX service they quoted £150. This is for a A3 size thin parcel weighting 500g.
  • Customs in Brazil is also a nightmare. If they stop your parcel and decide by themselves that it is worth more than UDS$50 they will charge 60% of the amount in customs fees.
  • Gathering people by yourself to come to the event without a network here can be a challenge.
  • In case the artist would like to come to Brazil, hand deliver the artwork or organise things from here, an average flight ticket from London to Sao Paulo is around £800.

In conclusion, we hope this detailed explanation helps the artists understand the costs associated with exhibiting in Brazil.

Our £80 'Participation Fee' covers everything related to the exhibition and the artists would not have to worry about anything. Just sit back, relax and wait for the pictures of the exhibition.

Hope you join us in our next event!