Nostalgia Exhibition

21 OCT - 11 NOV

Thu - Sat: 1 - 7pm


Sat 21 October 2023 - 4pm

(Admission free, RSVP needed)

Artly Mix - Cultural Space

Rua Pelotas 398, Vila Mariana


"Nostalgia" exhibition brings together 33 artists from 19 countries, aiming to explore the profound influence of memory and past experiences on the human psyche. 

Each artist weaves a unique narrative, evoking personal and collective memories, offering visitors a journey through time and space. 

Nostalgia, as an emotion, serves as a poignant thread connecting cultures and generations, reminding us of our shared humanity. 

This captivating exhibition invites viewers to reflect on the enduring power of the past, the beauty of remembrance, and the role of nostalgia in shaping our identities and understanding of the world.


Curated by Juliana Lauletta