This page covers the most frequently asked questions and also have some resources for the exhibiting artists.

Get in touch if you have questions that are not covered here. Thanks!.

Are the Open Calls FREE to submit?


Only the artists who get selected will be asked to pay the participation fee in order to cover the expenses

Why do you charge a Participation Fee?

We are an artist-led, self-funded, independent arts organisation and we work hard to create opportunities for artists. 

We have been expanding and our projects are successfully growing. We have been applying for funding and hopefully in the near future we can lower the participation fee. Until then, we just need to keep the lights on.

We prefer to share the costs of the exhibitions with the artists instead of charging for a 'Submission Fee' that artists often pay just to be rejected.

 Also, for emerging artists is quite difficult to get selected when there are a lot applications. This way, artists can apply and invest only after being selected. 

See the different kind of fees below.

What is the difference between 'Submission/Entry Fee' and 'Participation Fee'? And why the amounts are so different?

Submission or Entry fee - Artists pay to submit their work and have no guarantee of being included in the show. The fees are usually from £10-£40 and paid upfront together with the submission for the exhibition.

Entry fees are like a lottery. Artists have to pay to have someone look at their work, even if they are rejected. 

Participation fee - Artists pay only after submitting their work and after being accepted. The fee covers the costs of the show and in Europe the average fee is £250, with some places charging more than a £1000. 

Some institutions even charge both.

We prefer to share the costs of the exhibitions with the artists through the 'Participation Fee''. That way, artists can apply and invest only after being selected.

How is the money spent?

Our goal is to be honest and transparent with our fellow artists.

So, let's break down each participation fee:

  • 30% - print and mount for each artwork, print labels, marketing material and office supplies for the exhibitions
  • 30% - venue costs and the Private View costs (food, drinks, etc)
  • 40% - services, marketing and taxes

Every Open Call has a list of itens the Participation Fee covers. 

For example:

  • Exhibition space
  • Curating and organising the exhibition
  • Translating the texts from English to Portuguese
  • Printing and mounting each artwork
  • Hanging the artworks
  • Digital Catalogue (part of this website)
  • Print material (poster, labels, etc)
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Private View (refreshments, bartender, etc)
  • Pictures of each artwork work in the venue
  • Pictures of the Private View 

How is the Selection Process?

All submissions will be reviewed and selected by the curator Juliana Lauletta, or in some cases a guest jury.

Artworks can be selected before the deadline.

Please note that the decisions are final and we are unable to offer feedback.

Do you have any advice on How to price my print?

It's important to keep in mind that pricing art can be a subjective process, and there's no one-size-fits-all answer. 

With that in mind, here are some guidelines we usually provide to artists who may be unsure about how to price their prints:

  1. Remember that the pieces you're selling are reproductions, not original artworks, so it's essential to price them accordingly.
  2. Take into consideration that Brazil is a developing country, where income levels are generally lower. Finding a balance between making your art accessible to a broader audience and sustaining your artistic practice is crucial.
  3. Evaluate your experience and expertise as an artist. If you're just starting out, you may need to initially price your art lower than more established artists. As you gain more experience and recognition, you can gradually increase your prices.
  4. It's worth noting that we are not a commercial gallery but a Cultural Space. Our primary focus is to showcase your creativity and connect with the Brazilian audience. While the artworks can be available for sale, we do not pressure anyone to make a purchase.
  5. Based on our past exhibitions, we have seen prints sell in the range of £25 to £100.

However, please understand that this is a friendly recommendation based on our previous experiences. 

We do not wish to impose any restrictions or dictate how much you should charge for your work. Ultimately, the decision should reflect your own artistic goals and values.

If you are selling for an European audience The Print Space has a good post about the subject: https://www.theprintspace.co.uk/how-to-price-your-online-art-prints/

How do I send my high resolution image?

All the images for the exhibition have to be:

- Retangular size: 30 x 40 cm (or 3543 x 4724 pixels)


- Square size: 30 x 30 cm (or 3543 x 3543 pixels)

- Resolution for printing: 300dpi

- No borders or watermarks. Small signatures are fine.

- .jpegs or .tiffs

We kindly ask the artists to crop their images according to the guidelines above, otherwise the printers will crop them as as they see fit.

*** If you don't know how to do this just make sure that you photograph your artwork in a good lighting and with the highest resolution available on your phone or camera (check the photo settings).

Import the photo to a free photo editor like PicResize and crop it using the numbers above.

There are also many resources online that can help with that. A couple of good ones:

- How to photograph art

- How to photograph your art with your phone

Can I send my high resolution artwork for printing with my logo/watermark?

Unfortunately, no.

Buyers do not like when there are logos or watermarks in the prints. They make the image look commercial, like a stock image, and not an artwork.

We had complaints from buyers about this issue before. So we are not accepting logos/watermarks anymore. 

Your signature or digital signature are fine and welcome. :)

Will I get photos of the exhibition?


We will take many pictures of the Private View and upload them to the website for the artists to use as they wish.

Also, there will be a picture of each individual work on the wall.

You can check the pictures of our previous exhibitions and our new Instagram account.

Will I receive a certificate of participation?

Sorry, no. 

But there will be a poster and a webpage with all the artists names and also a lot of images of the Private view and the artworks on the wall.

Also there will be a listing on Artfacts.

So there will be plenty of documentation of your participation.

You can check the pictures of our previous exhibitions and our new Instagram account.

Do you charge Commission on Sales?

No! No commission on sales.

We are artists ourselves and we know the importance of connecting the collectors with the artists. 

Buyers can pay the artist directly by PayPal and the curator will arrange the pickup with the buyer after the exhibition is over.

What is your Refund Policy?

There are no refunds after making the deposit. As we work with the 'Participation Fee', the artists only pay if they are interested in participating.

After being selected and making the deposit, the artists will be part of the show and we will hold their spaces. If an artist cancel close to the date, it is nearly impossible for us to schedule another artist in their place. 

What are the Payment Methods for the Participation Fee?

Only the selected artists will receive the payment link by email and will have 3 days after selection to pay the participation fee and secure their spot.

Payments can be made through PayPal, Credit/Debit Card and Mercado Pago (Brazil).

Can I send my original artwork for the exhibition?

Only if you are in Brazil.

Customs in Brazil is a nightmare. So to avoid any issues we only accept original work from inside the country and the artists have to bring it to the venue one week before the exhibition starts. Please contact us directly to arrange that.

What kind of paper the images will be printed on?

The images are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper Matt mounted on a PS board 3mm. 

They are Fine Art prints made by a professional printing company certified by Canon, Epson and Hahnemule.

Fine Art prints made with acid-free paper have a lifespan of over a hundred years and usually do not fade, crack, or turn yellow. Fine paper has to meet specific quality criteria to be considered fine paper. Fine prints are highly sought after by photographers and artists when they select a paper for their clients.

What will happen to my print after the exhibition if it's not sold?

We will keep the print in our archive for future opportunities. 

Some future exhibitions will be only for artists that we have already worked with and their prints are in our storage.

The prints will be individually wrapped in cellophane sleeves (labeled and with contact info) and placed in an artwork rack for the next couple of exhibitions.
After that, they will be safely stored in the curator's studio. 

If the artist prefers not to keep it in our storage, we can destroy it.

Can you ship my print to my country after the exhibition?

Sorry, no.

We tried that in the past and it didn't work out. International postal service from Brazil to overseas is expensive (around £50) and unreliable. It tracks only inside the country. So we are not offering that option anymore.

If you would like to have a fine-art print of your work, we recommend The Printspace in London. Good prices and they ship internationally. 

Can I choose where my print will be hung?

Unfortunately, no.

The artworks are allocated based on style, orientation, technical specifications, colours, etc. 

The curator carefully plans the placement of each work to ensure consistency throughout the show. 

Please note that the decisions are final and not open for discussion.