Portal - Augmented Reality Exhibition

28 MAY - 18 JUNE

Mon - Sat: 1 - 7pm


Sat 28 May 2022: 6 - 10pm

(Admission free, RSVP needed)


Rua Pelotas 400, Vila Mariana


A work of art is so much more than what they appear at first glance. It is a gateway into the artist's life, emotions, inspirations and personal experiences. The aesthetics of an artwork may be the first thing that draws the viewer in but the story behind it is often why people fall in love with a particular piece.

'Portal' is an augmented reality exhibition of dazzling art and the fascinating hidden tales behind them.

All the artworks will have audio-visual content that the visitors will be able to explore simply by pointing their camera at them. Transforming the art space into an engaging, interactive and surprising experience.

Private View


Adam Lucy | Agnieszka Laskus | Becky & Pybus | Caroline Friedman | Dawn Fincham | Jean-François Réveillard | Jennifer Lopez-Rateike | Juliana Lauletta | Kate Rossini | Letícia Lima | Mabelle Collage | Mariken Heijwegen | Mel Elston-Mendones | Nicola Lauletta | Robert Cormier | Roberto Rafael Navarrete | Skyler Norbury

Curated by Juliana Lauletta

Click on the images to watch the videos

Adam Lucy

I am a self taught multifaceted artist and poet working in London and Margate. 

My work primarily engages with themes of loss, time and memory and encourages the viewer to connect emotionally with what is shown. 

Website | Instagram

Agnieszka Laskus

As a fine art photographer I am passionate about working with nature and exploring ways to capture its essence, energy and spirit. 

In my work I am searching for the vibration of life itself and its luminosity through unique abstract constellations infused with inspiration and mystery.

Website | Instagram

Becky & Pybus

We are a collaboration team of best friends creating art work both digital and traditionally exploring different ways of emotion, getting our thoughts & Ideas on the canvas. 

Art for us is a great way of articulating what our souls need to say like a bird singing. 


Instagram: Becky | Pybus

Caroline Friedman

I am a UK based artist whose work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in the UK and Europe. 

This work is from my latest series of paintings and challenges the viewer to think and to question. 

I work in paint, fabric collage, metal and glass.


Dawn Fincham

I love art and all things creative. I have organised and taken part in over 30 exhibitions of contemporary art and been included in Association of Illustrators' publications. 

I am a graphic designer by day and artist by night!

Website | Instagram

Jean-François Réveillard

I like to define myself as a "Crossmedia picture maker". 

Since 1980, pioneer of digital, creator of the first WebTV in Europe, I use all the brush of my era.

Website | Instagram

Jennifer Lopez-Rateike

Jennifer's creative process is intuitive and automatic in nature, which allows an airy freedom of form, texture and colour to develop and merge with her technique. 

Her work aims to bring together the imperceptible, the material and the ephemeral. Jennifer's practice is influenced by intuitive art, alchemy and psychology.

Website | Instagram

Juliana Lauletta

I am a multimedia artist and independent curator. 

My "Light Painting" photographs are created exclusively with long exposures, without Photoshop, using stencils and light tools that I build myself. 

I was featured on the BBC, TimeOut London and Londonist, and participated in exhibitions in London, Edinburgh, Arles, Prague and Brazil.

Website | Instagram

Kate Rossini

My work is about exploring my identity - looking inwards to what is hidden - exploring juxtapositions between methodologies imposing rules and those freed from rational control. 

Not fixed to one theme/genre - my work is a journey of exploration - looking for unexpected connections and meaning through making.

Website | Instagram

Letícia Lima

I am a photographer and filmmaker. 

My work has influences from the world of music, fashion and cinema - mainly horror films from the 70s and 80s. 

I am passionate about art direction and I always seek to introduce a playful universe into my photographs. 

Website | Instagram

Mabelle Collage

Ingrid Mabelle aka Mabelle Collage is a self-taught artist. 

She has been experimenting with creative possibilities, with a special interest in photography and the moving image. 

She uses collage as the main procedure for composition, creating a narrative through the overlap of spaces and times, the past of our history and the presente.

Website | Instagram

Mariken Heijwegen

After I finished the KABK in The Hague, in the direction of Fashion and Textiles, I became a stylist and ended up as a teacher of arts at a high school in Rotterdam.

My passion for painting is my way of expressing my feelings. My hands help me transform my thoughts on the canvas.

Website | Instagram

Mel Elston-Mendones

I am a child of peoples who have fought for freedom and my art explores the interplay between physical and spiritual freedom and bondage. 

Both grounded and transcendent, it explores identities, culture and societal constructs.

My work is both visceral and guttural. I present a discourse on human values. 


Nicola Lauletta

I have always lived with art, communication and creation.

As a teenager, in the 60s, I was able to use a professional camera at work, but I only managed to buy an old Asahi Pentax Spotmatic in the 70s. Since then, I was able to record what I saw in photos. 

Currently, for convenience, I use my mobile phone.


Robert Cormier

My name is Rob, I'm 26, and I consider myself a passionate creator. I love to paint, screen print, do live visuals and more. 

Creating experiences for people to get drawn into and lost within; that is what I like to conjure through my artistic works.

Website | Instagram

Roberto Rafael Navarrete

Shamanism, Peruvian Heritage, and Sexual Identity drive my research which enabled me to create a bridge into the physical and emotional scarring from intolerance. 

As a queer Latinx artist of color, I feel an enormous responsibility to utilize my talent while refusing to keep any part of my identity closeted.

Website | Instagram

Skyler Norbury

I am an illustrator, designer, collage-artist, and writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

I use a combination of mediums at my disposal to further communicate my creative vision and to ultimately connect to the root of what I feel is connected to a larger collective consciousness.

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